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How and where to Replace Your iPhone 11 Front Screen

If you find yourself facing the daunting task of replacing the front screen of your iPhone 11, fear not - it's a manageable process that you can tackle with a bit of patience and the right tools.

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Begin by gathering the necessary tools: a Pentalobe screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver, a plastic pick, and a replacement screen kit designed for the iPhone 11.

Power off your device and remove the screws around the frame using the Pentalobe screwdriver. Carefully use the plastic pick to pry open the device, ensuring not to damage the delicate internal components.

Once the iPhone is open, disconnect the cables linking the front screen to the motherboard. Delicately remove the damaged screen and take note of the cable connections.

Install the new front screen by reconnecting the cables in the correct order. Secure the screen by reversing the disassembly steps, screwing in the necessary screws, and ensuring a snug fit.

Finally, power on your iPhone to test the new front screen. With careful execution and attention to detail, you can successfully replace the front screen of your iPhone 11, restoring it to its full functionality.


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